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Fused Glass
What is Glass Fusing?
Your own design made from different shapes and colors of glass, melted together in our kiln. It can be left flat, like jewelry or tiles, or heated in the kiln a second time to shape it into platters, bowls, vases, and more.

How does Glass Fusing Work?
It's easy; no experience or glass cutting necessary. Just pick a blank and decorations from our glass fusing center and glue your design into place. Come back in a week and pick up your beautiful fused glass masterpiece.

Why does it take so long for my fired glass to be finished?
We know your pieces are important to you and Laurel Street Arts makes every effort to finish your glass so it will last. Each step takes time. The glass needs to be both heated and cooled at a controlled rate. This can take 24 hours or more. Premature opening of the kiln can crack or even shatter the pieces. Simply put, a quality product takes time. In our experience, 7 days generally is sufficient to cover variables in preparation time for firing and in the number of items waiting to be fired during a given week.

Glass pieces that are slumped, for example plates and bowls, require two firings, thus the extra time.

I'm not artistic; can you help me?
Absolutely! We have idea books, display samples, and all sorts of tips and tricks that can make anyone look like a pro. And our friendly staff is always glad to help.

Is it safe to eat off my piece?
All of our pieces are safe for eating. Some of the glass may require special care to protect it and keep your glass food safe. We will let you know when this is an issue.