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How do mosaics work?
We have a selection of wood bases, from mirrors to frames, specially cut shapes. You can even use a bisque tile! Choose your base and create your design. Choose your pre-tumbled glass pieces from our large selection (we even have seashells, sea glass, and mirrored pieces) and glue them to your base. Your mosaic is ready to take home the same day! You can choose to create a grouted or ungrouted mosaic. If you want to grout your mosaic, we'll give you grout and instructions to grout your mosaic at home the next day (it's easy!).

I have a lot of old china. Can I break it into pieces and create a mosaic out of it?
China is not very flat and it is difficult to make a tabletop with it although experienced mosaic artists can do it. Old china makes great mosaic pieces for a picture frame or flower pot.