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to create at home.
Paint some large vases or bowls as centerpieces for a fundraising dinner. Then auction off the centerpieces.
Get some volunteers to paint bowls, plates or mugs to use as party favors by the fundraising dinner guests.
Are you a fundraiser with a quota of donations to bring in? As an incentive for donors who give at a certain level, have a thematic painting party at Laurel Street Arts or at a site of your choice. This idea is perfect for a Valentine’s Day event (or any other holiday). Both adults and children enjoy painting parties. Raise funds while providing the donors a fun time and an item to take away to give or keep!
Having a festival or faire? A painting table is a fun addition. Laurel Street Arts can set you up with items and supplies.
Large salad bowl with a set of individual serving salad bowls. Add some salad servers from our local kitchen store and maybe an exotic salad dressing.
Large popcorn serving bowl with small individual bowls. The kids thumbprints can be turned into pieces of popcorn for an extra special item!
Large pasta serving bowl and a set of individual pasta bowls. Kids fingerprints make great grape clusters or olives on a branch!
Pitcher and serving tray with a set of tall glasses for an oh so southern Iced Tea set.
Cake plate and dessert dishes for a birthday party set - auction it off with a cake or gift certificate from a local store. Or a gift certificate from Laurel Street Arts for a birthday party!
Dog food and/or water bowl(s) for any pet lovers. A gift certificate from Bow Wow Meow would go great with this item!
Or a treat jar filled with special treats for those wonderful pets.
Wine lovers set - wine cooler and wine stopper. Add ceramic or glass wine glasses, a nice bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers. And how about a coupon to a wine country bed and breakfast?
Bathroom set - lotion/soap dispenser, tumbler, toothbrush holder, tissue box cover. Wrap it all up in a wastebasket or a bathtub-shaped container.
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Some great fundraising ideas:
Sell tiles to be painted and installed at a school or other institution. Arundel School in San Carlos did this with great success. The kids painted tiles at school and we glazed and fired the tiles. We can also coordinate the project so families can bring their children into our store to paint the tiles if you prefer. All the Burton Park tiles have been painted and fired at Laurel Street Arts.
Having an auction? The third graders at St. Charles each used their thumbprint on a 2"x2" tile to create a variety of animals and people. The teacher painted the center tile and we put it all together in a tray as a mosaic.
The Nativity School's 2nd grade class set their thumbprints on a square platter and, with the help from a few adults, painted details to resemble themselves.
Very young children can paint abstract tiles to be turned into a beautiful mosaic mirror.