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Purchase your studio favorites to complete in the comfort of your own home! Our glazes and glues are all non-toxic and washable. All kits include instructions and our team can walk you through any techniques you'd like to try.

Firing fees are included! 

Please note: If you plan to have your pottery fired, you may not use any other paint. 

8" Round Fused Glass Plate

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A great way to express yourself with the artistic possibilities of glass and create a beautiful plate suitable for display or food. You'll start with a base piece of clear glass, decorate it with colored glass pieces (just a little glue so the design doesn't slide), and you're done. We'll fire it once, melting the glass pieces into a single sheet, and then fire it a second time to slump it into the shape of a plate!

Includes enough colored glass to make a beautiful design. Additional glass is available for purchase.

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